Frequently Asked Questions

Pediasure is suitable for children aged 2 years and above*

children at nutrition risk

You could use Food plate as a guide to assess your child’s nutrient intake on a daily basis. Plan your child’s diet by including a variety of food items from different categories. For further advise kindly consult your Pediatrician

A simple exercise like measuring height as well as weighing your child at regular intervals can help you to assess your child’s overall health. Plotting height & weight on growth charts allows you to keep track of your child's growth & development over time and helps take timely measures if required. Please consult your Pediatrician for appropriate advice.

Instead of force feeding, try to bring discipline into your child’s routine, meal times, eating habits, etc. Have intervals in between the meals that the child eats. Time gap between main and mid meal should be about 3 hours. In case your child refuses to eat or has taken only few bites let it be. Wait to serve till the next mealtime. This will help your child to recognize hunger and the need to eat. It will also encourage them to respect food. Please consult your Pediatrician for appropriate advice.

Some children will take time to develop the ability to chew. It can also happen due to some dental problems. Encourage your child to drink milk using a cup or mug. Give small pieces of crunchy vegetables/ fruits to develop the chewing ability.

PediaSure® is a nutritional supplement that provides complete, balanced nutrition for children at nutritional risk 2 years & above – those special years of rapid growth and mental development. PediaSure contains 37 nutrients that support your kid's height and weight gain. It also aids brain development and helps build immunity.

PediaSure is a Complete, Balanced nutrition for your child. It is scientifically formulated to help in growth and development. It is gluten free by nature; but it contains lactose hence not suitable for Lactose intolerance.

Milk is a good source of nutrients such as calcium, proteins, Vitamin A etc. But milk is not a good source of Iron and Vitamin C. These nutrients are important in helping build your child’s immunity.

Call toll free 1800-315-7173 for free counselling on Nutrition and related queries offered by expert nutritionists.

PediaSure contains cow milk protein and not advised for children with cow’s milk protein allergy

PediaSure can be used as a sole source of nutrition only as per doctor’s advice


Quantity (ml)

Scoops of Pediasure powder

Number of servings recommended


190 ml



Whole cow’s milk

150 ml



All studies done with PediaSure is with 5 scoops of powder in 190ml of water . 1 scoop = 9.1 gm of PediaSure powder

Yes .Fats are a concentrated source of energy & helps in child’s growth & development. Essential fatty acids - ALA ( Alpha linoleic acid) & LA ( Linoleic Acid) are known to support brain development in children

Sugar is a carbohydrate that provides energy as well as taste. PediaSure meets the carbohydrate recommendations for children to support growth & development

Absolutely, in fact adding PediaSure powder is a great way to power up your fruit smoothies with added nutrients including calories from protein, fat and carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals that your child may be missing.

Once Mixed PediaSure should be consumed immediately, else please cover, refrigerate & consume within 24 hours