Tips to Deal with Picky Eaters

Is Your Child a Fussy Eater

As parents, you cannot help but worry when your children’s weight and height are not keeping up with their age. Your anxiety is valid because children may go through episodes of infections and inadequate food intake, both well-documented causes for interrupted growth1.

Concerns for Picky Eating

You are not alone. Picky eating concerns are reported to be as high as 50% by parents of children in age groups below 10 years2. The daily task of coaxing a picky eater to eat “normal” foods and a greater variety can cause stress in both the parents and child.

Typical behaviours of picky eaters include :2-5

Typical Behaviours of Picky Eaters Kids

Although fussy eating behaviour may be short-lived in some children, for others it remains an ongoing problem. Prolonged fussy eating may have serious consequences:

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