New-Age Childhood

The context of childhood has changed. Kids of today are talented, tech-savvy and are involved in a lot of extra-curricular *activities. In order to meet these needs, kids require specialized nutrition for enhanced growth.


Bones can grow up-to 1.5X1 between 7-14 years and hence right nutrition is important during this age.


PediaSure7+ supports Height Gain*, Strength Improvement*^ & Brain Development. It supports bone strength with nutrients like Protein, Calcium and Vitamin D known to improve bone mineral density & muscle mass.

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PediaSure 7+ is a scientifically designed formula which contains high quality protein along with the goodness of Oats, Almonds & essential nutrients

Benefits of PediaSure 7+


Children of the age group of 7 years and above are engaged in various day-to-day activities that require physical strength. PediaSure 7+ helps in Bone Growth & Muscle strength2


PediaSure7+ has low Sugar & Lowest Fat3(Chocolate variants)


PediaSure7+ is scientifically formulated with High Quality Protein4 that supports bone growth & muscle strength.

How to prepare one serving of PediaSure 7+?


Available in two delicious flavors to make it lip-smacking good

available flavours



*Claims are applicable when consumed as per recommended method of preparation in 2 servings
^Strength refers to bone strength


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